Some of my friends and I were discussing the merits of sunrise over sunset last night.  I still prefer sunrise.  I love the feeling of renewal every morning.  The birds rustling in the trees, the hushed sounds in the neighborhood, and the overall sense of getting a second chance to start again each day.  I also know that I love this time of the morning because growing up in Seattle in the winters we didn’t often see the sun, it was like a treasure glimpsed as it rose over the Cascades before being swallowed up by the endless winter cloud cover.  I still remember the one morning on the Metro bus when all of us commuters gasped in unison as we saw the elusive sun as it escaped from the mountain range and ran for the clouds what a treat, we all acted like we had glimpsed a rarely seen celebrity who ran out to grab the paper.

So now living on the East Coast where we I see the sun nearly every day I greet it regularly and enjoy seeing it.  My first few winters here I had to adjust to the fact that sunlight in the winter is the same as sunlight in the summer, you can turn pink.  Now with my own home, I always have this fantasy of going out in my garden and sitting at my bistro table to sip my tea and read a book in the summer and early fall while the sun rises, but the reality is there are bugs out there to greet me and sip from me instead. So I greet the sun from my house or usually from my truck as I drive towards the sun every morning on my way to work.  My favorite mornings are still when the sun plays hide and seek with me on the foggy days, which are somewhat frequent due to the humidity of North Carolina.  The sun generally always wins this game with the fog and clouds.