A few years ago I was painting my living room and this is the adventure I had with one wall.

I was getting ready to clean the walls and dust yesterday in preparation for painting when I noticed that the wall by the back door was kind of bubbly, so I got out the scraper and scraped. There was wall paper underneath and I am pretty sure the glue from the layer above had aged to the point where it wasn’t sticking.  So I scraped, and scraped, and scraped until the wall was kind of clear of paint and wall paper.  I may regret scrapping off all the wallpaper and not owning a sander because now the wall looks horrible.  The NEPHEW had also replaced the drywall where the breaker box is, and when he demoed that wall he basically took off part of the corner of the door wall, instead of replacing that too he just put in a lot of spackle in heavy layers – he really liked thick thick layers of goo and he wasn’t good about sanding it down.  Maybe I will find some fun wall paper to put on that wall, which is probably going to be the ONLY way to make it look less crappy.  Oh well just my first venture into basic demo work really.  And now I am ignoring ALL the spots on the walls where the rest of the old wall paper is peeling, I am just painting over it.  So my lesson is Don’t scrape the bumps!