I have been struggling with writer’s block this week.  I have not posted a blog on my professional site all week and I am stuck.  I wanted to write about how virtual assistants are an asset for all your writing needs because we could devote time to doing this.  But that is basically as far as I got with that blog.  Oh and then there is my bright idea for getting the most out of a google search.  My friends will get that one pretty quickly.

I even contemplated painting walls in my office, I already have the paint but I am not sure if I want to make all that much of a mess. Plus there is about 50 years of wall paper underneath the top coat, I know because I have picked at the paper bubbles, they bug me that much.  I think one of the layers was flocked too.

I don’t have any books which need reading, and for some reason I do not want to transcribe my book, can’t figure out why! (ha ha)  So…..

That has been my week.