I was looking over pictures I took last year and noticed that I had quite a few of windows. Then I looked at my photography portfolio from college and I had a collection there as well, not as many because we had so many assigned tasks but I still liked taking pictures of windows that far back.  So today I was thinking about why, I never saw it as me looking in on someone’s life.  Although there could be that psychological wish to be in another person’s life.  The reason why I never saw that in my work is because all the windows and buildings I have taken pictures of are usually older and usually not occupied.  It makes wonder if perhaps I am wondering what those windows saw back when the building was new.  So here are a few windows from this past year

This is a building that is being renovated for some condos. I love that they kept the painting for the drug store on the side of the building.

Windows from the Bank of Gastonia

This is one of my favorite doorways.  I am still convinced that the door was bigger, once upon a time.