Today I rode down with a friend from my DAR Chapter to visit the Tamassee DAR School in South Carolina.  Our chapter has adopted a student every year, we are usually assigned a senior.  This year our was my first trip to the school,  it is located in the mountains right on the South Carolina/Georgia state line.  As the Regent of our chapter I felt it was a good time to make a visit with another member to the school.  Today we brought with us Christmas gifts of clothing, toiletries and even some sweets given to him by members of our chapter.  We also presented our student with a check to cover all of his graduation fees.  With out our chapter’s assistance he may not have had enough money to cover those costs.  It was touching to see his genuine joy in our gifts to him.  He shared with us about his family who live elsewhere in the state.  He also talked about his plans for going to college next year.  It is moments like this that I remember what the holiday season is about, it is about giving to others.

The Tamassee DAR School, founded in the 1919, serves children in need in the South.