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If the parking lot is full…

I know I have blogged that I follow a local group on Facebook about dining in my area.  One of the funniest things I see is when people complain about a popular place they have been to once.  Once only.  It makes me wonder if they like eating any place that they go, because honestly if a place has a full parking lot then they must be doing something good, not everyone can have faulty taste buds.  It is often the places with empty parking lots that have something wrong with them.  I won’t say it takes more than one trip to know if a place is to your liking or

A parking lot with landscaping and a diagonal ...

not, and maybe these people don’t like places that are busy, I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t with them and I am not them.  But I learned a long time ago, if the parking lot is full of locals then it is a good place to eat.  However, if the parking lot is full of tourists stay away…..


Introverts Visiting the Restaurant

Last week we went out to lunch at a fairly swanky place.  When we arrived, the hostess argued with us about our reservation.  First, that it wasn’t under the name we gave her, even though we tried to clarify with her that the name on the reservation was her full name and we gave the middle name and the last name only.  Then she tried to argue with us about our party size saying we didn’t make a reservation for six, but just for four.  The person who made the reservation showed the hostess our online confirmation which actually had seven not six so we were still within our reservation threshold; she walked away and came back a couple of minutes later to tell us she was right and we were wrong and that she had called to confirm and was told that there would only be four.  When the person who made the reservation tried to say that no one called her the hostess just walked away and gave our menus to the wait staff instead.  Ugh and people want to know why we don’t bring up issue with the managers and owners when we meet with such behavior.

To go or not? A tale of an introvert shopping

I prefer to do my shopping online, but groceries need to be bought in person.  We have a new Publix in town and I love them, they have the freshest bread, meat and produce. But, when you are an introvert like me who also has issues with social anxiety going to Publix is an experience which is hard to describe.  They greet you everywhere and make sure you are finding everything you need.  If you go down an aisle a second time someone could quickly be there to help you find what you need, which kind of freaked me out the first time. I have to actually psych myself out to go shopping at Publix or opt for the less interactive, but far more socially comfortable Wal-Mart. However, the food quality and variety at Publix almost always wins out when I want to spend my hard-earned pennies on sustenance.  I just have to mentally prepare myself every time I go there so that I am ready to smile and not seem rude and to keep from having a panic attack from all the strangers asking me if I am finding everything.  Shopping also drains me, and I need a nap after that.  Like yesterday, I napped for an hour after I went shopping for my weekly items. The good thing is, I know if I can’t find something at Publix that all I have to do is find the staff member who is probably following me around and ask.

Small Town Life

English: This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NY...

I live in a smallish town, one that reminds me of where I grew up.  There is one small problem with living in a small town though, everyone loves to get in your business.  we have a lot small businesses to support.  There are favorites and then the ones people love to pick on.  Me, I am a bit more choosy about these places especially restaurants.  If someone gives a bad review of one of these places all of their fans gang up on the reviewer, because that is the adult thing to do.  Today one of these reviews happened and honestly I kind of love watching the fireworks, it amuses me how passionate people are about forcing everyone to love their restaurant.  I have mixed feelings about a lot of positive reviews about a place, it makes me wonder because I know I have been to countless places that everyone just loved and raved about and I found the experience less than stellar so I prefer mixed reviews about a place. I also hate to break it to people, but not everyone is going to enjoy the same kinds of places. ME? I dislike Italian restaurants, unless they specialize in pizza and it won’t matter how many rave reviews a place gets I am not going to drive more than 5 miles to try a place out when I can make the same dish at home for much less. Anyway, one of the other things I found highly amusing was that one person said we weren’t professional restaurant critics.  This amused me because she seemed to devalue a customer’s review of a place and place a journalists review above the rest of us.  Just goes to show that some people can not truly be objective about anything not even a customer’s comments about a place.  I also added a new restaurant and a bakery to my list of places I will never go to because of how the owner of those establishments decided to treat legitimate future customers, by saying we needed to learn to speak up for ourselves so that the restaurant could fix the issues while we were there.  She didn’t seem to understand that not everyone is comfortable with that and that often times it isn’t a productive thing to do. I’ve had the chef yell at me in restaurants because I didn’t like something I am not going to do that again ever and honestly if something isn’t seasoned right or tastes off well the owner/chef/cook should have caught it before I did because they are in the kitchen and they should know how things taste before they even leave the kitchen. If they don’t it is on them.  Anyway enough ranting about small town minds.  I need to head off to bed.

worky worky

English: Aerial photo of Charlotte, NC center ...

So I am back working in Uptown Charlotte, It has been a month of driving uptown for me, which is just astounding. Sometimes I have a lot of time for thinking while I walk up from my car.  These were some of my thoughts.

I park my car in the Mint Street deck along with hundreds of others.  Did you know that Mint Street has a crossing guard?  It amuses me that they had to do this to protect pedestrians, but given that I have watched the crossing guard almost take someone down who tried to run the stop sign I can figure out why.
And then there are the fashion choices.  Both genders need help.  I saw a woman the other day with this cute lace dress and the ugliest brown leather shoes.  The dress needed spring sandals or flats, not winter leather shoes. And men?  Um I don’t want to see your socks, buy pants that are longer please.
The other day I saw a post from a friend about ignoring a comment an interviewer made about Cougars. A lot of the women were mad, but I laughed, oh to be considered a Cougar.  It implies that I have disposable income and I like younger men.  Sadly only one of those is true.  But I agree with my friend, if people had ignored the reporter and not made a huge fuss about it, well I wouldn’t know about it and no one would be talking about. The reporter did her job because she got people talking.

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